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Ingredients of a Safe Road Trip

There are times when we are possessed by a wonderful sense of wanderlust. For some, the sense of fernweh is constant throughout their lives and a motorcycle does everything to take us places that we dreamt of going to. The list of places never comes to an end and it is a journey that gives us the pleasures that we seek. The urge to explore is in the blood of those who choose to lead a life on the road.


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Safety on the Road

While some are seasoned bikers, there are many who wish to take some time out of their busy schedules and make a bike trip to their favorite places. For those who wish to taste the adrenaline rush for the first time, safety is the most important aspect of a bike trip. Here are a few tips for those who wish to embark upon the beautiful journey of rubber and road –

  1. Biking gear: Make sure that you have proper biking gear. Worn out gear may be a hazard and it is always a good idea to get your gear in place – a helmet, pair of gloves, a jacket and a light backpack are the primary ingredients of a typical gear kit.
  2. First aid kit – The journey through rough roads is not a surprise when you set out for bike trips and a first aid kit always comes in handy in case of a mishap.
  3. Torch: There would be times when you would need to camp at the most unexpected places in the middle of nowhere. In such a scenario, finding your way without a torch can lead you into a lost trail and it may take hours for you to find your way back. A torch and working batteries would always come in handy. Or, just to be on the extra safe side, invest in a good binocular with night vision capabilities. Especially if you’ll be camping somewhere far out and desolate – Just for some additional peace of mind.
  4. Laser Range Finder: A device like this one of the modern devices that seems like a great help for travelers. A laser range finder in your bag would help you make better decisions if you are out in the wild. It will help you get an estimate of how far you are from a certain target. A Nikon ProStaff 3 Laser Rangefinder would be an ideal fit for bikers.
  5. Your kicks: Protect your feet with the right pair of shoes. You would want to wear shoes that are sturdy and can take the workload of shifting gears and pressing the brakes for a long span of time. A good pair of shoes also saves your feet from slipping and can help avoid major accidents.
  6. A Complete Check-up: Not only does your bike need a complete check-up before you start your journey but your body does too. In order to keep medical problems at bay, you should be aware of any problems that you might face on the way. Take your medication along as well. It is also advisable to keep working out regularly if you wish to do a bike trip any time soon. This would help you stay alert and less fatigued on the road.

A good road trip is all about taking the right safety measures. As you gain experience out on the road, you get better and learn the tricks of the trade.

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