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Making Things Easier With A Motorcycle Table Lift

If you are looking for a better option for working on your bike, then a motorcycle table lift is the answer. Buying a used motorcycle table lift can be more cost effective as a new lift will be quite expensive.

Using A Motorcycle Table Lift

A motorcycle table lift or a motorcycle lift table is a table that has been designed to handle motorcycles. They were basically developed for lifting a motorcycle off the ground, so that the owner or mechanic doesn’t have a problem checking on or repairing it. Motorcycle loading ramps are different and should not be confused with table lifts. Motorcycle owners would probably swear by table lifts as the best way to deal with any repairs to their bikes or simply to clean them. The lift tables are usually made of steel and are powered by hydraulic air cylinders. A motorcycle lift that is powered by a hydraulic cylinder is called a hydraulic motorcycle lift. One of these lifts can generally handle a load of 680 kg.


Lift Storage

If you are planning on getting one of these lifts, you will need to consider where to store it. Most people won’t have space in their garage for more than one car and a motorbike (if you are lucky); whereas some owners will just use the lift as their bikes parking spot, when lowered to the ground, the table fits perfectly under a pick-up truck. Electric or scissor motorcycle lifts are not exactly cheap; however, once you have worked with one you will never want to work on the oil stained floor again. If money is not an issue, then a new model such as the SAM 1000 is an excellent choice, but if you’re strapped for cash or simply would rather spend the money on accessories, then motorcycle table lifts or making your own one is a better option.

Adjusting The Table

The height of any table lift, whether new or used, can be adjusted and once you’ve set the table to a height suitable for you, doing major repairs is nothing but a pleasure. If you own a lawn tractor, an ATV, snowmobile or other fun toys with a wide wheelbase, an extension might need to be added in order for them to fit on the table lift. A shorter motorcycle is able to fit onto a longer table, not the other way around, so an extension is usually a good idea. In addition, if your table lift has wheels, then rather than using a dolly jack, you can simply lift up the table at one end (keeping the wheels on the floor) and roll it like you would a wheelbarrow.

If you enjoy doing your own repairs, then you will love owning a motorcycle table lift. Motorcycle table lifts are well built, strong and will likely last forever; not forgetting their ease of use. Whether you choose to splurge on brand new lifts, purchase used motorcycle table lifts, or make your own; a little oil and some grease are all that’s needed for maintaining your motorcycle lift.

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