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Saved By The Helmet

X001You’ve got your bike, all your leather and protective accessories like gloves and boots, but now you have to get that very important piece of equipment that could literally mean the difference between life and death, your helmet. Not to mention the difference between enjoying your super bike ride with crystal clear vision or having an accident because your helmet visor is bad quality or facing mortality because your helmet didn’t meet up to recommended standards.

Discount Motorcycle Helmets

If you’re on a tight budget, consider purchasing motorcycle helmets that are on discount. One thing to keep in mind is that you need to buy a motorcycle helmet that has been certified by the D.O.T (U.S. Department of Transportation) or at least the Snell Foundation.

Both these bodies of authority have set standards that all manufacturers of helmets need to meet. There are a few ways to tell the difference between D.O.T certified helmets and knock-offs. Look out for (EPS) expanded polystyrene. This is a foam liner resembling Styrofoam that is used inside a genuine helmet. The EPS is the stuff that actually takes the brunt of the impact in the case of a collision. When this happens it becomes crushed so to speak and afterwards it has lost its impact absorption ability and this is why helmets need to be replaced when they’ve taken a hit.

D.O.T And Snell Tested

Both the D.O.T and Snell Foundation have independently tested helmets and you can therefore be assured that your chances of surviving an impact are thus greatly improved so make sure to invest in certified helmets. Apart from the few types of helmets that vary in facial area protection there are 3 types that are the most popular:

  • Full Face Helmets – Offers the most protection covering the most area on your head
  • Flip Face Helmets – Offers the same protection like a full face helmet combined with the convenience that an Open Face helmet gives.
  • Open Face Helmets – Quite popular but lacks in offering as much protection as a Full Face helmet, but great to wear as the Open face helmet gives the user complete interaction with the elements while riding.

One tip to remember when buying a discount motorcycle helmet is to be super careful when a shopping at a dealer that has helmets on sale, because it probably means that it’s slow moving stock. This is important because every helmet has a specified shelf life whether it is in the stores on their shelves or if it’s in your closet at home. Helmets deteriorate with age and this means so does its ability to protect you.

If you can’t find discounts in the shops then you should definitely try eBay or Amazon. Many dealers that have online stores have super specials so be sure to check it out and keep these brands in mind: Shoei, AGV, Icon, Suomy, and Nolan. As long as you make sure that your helmet has been certified by the D.O.T or Snell you can’t go wrong when buying a discount motorcycle helmet.

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