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Travel In style With Icon Motorcycle Gear

represent-back-largeWith their bold taste in design and functionality and creative use of colours, Icon has paved the way for motorcycle riding gear that screams attitude. Whether you’re a woman or man they’ve got it all. Looking for gloves, helmets, one piece suits, back protectors and jackets, icon motorcycle gear have pretty much covered every angle and item accessory when it comes to performance motorcycle gear.

Icon Motorcycle Gear Makes You Stand Out

Stand out from the crowd with awesome bike gear that beams attitude just like your taste for motorcycle performance and style of riding. This is a brand that has truly set the bar and has the track record to prove it, with many happy customers returning time and time again. With some of the most tactical designs and graphics, Icon has expanded globally to offer great value and precision to every motorcycle enthusiast.

Finding a retailer isn’t hard, start by having a look on their site or send them an email. Like most companies that manufacture motorcycle gear, they stock all your basic motorcycle accessories like gloves, pants, jackets, helmets and boots, but they have gone a few steps further to enhance your experience of being a biker by offering almost every imaginable accessory available. Some of these include:

  • Icon Decals,
  • Icon Stickers,
  • Icon DVD’s
  • Icon gear bags
  • Icon back protectors
  • Icon knee guards
  • Icon protection vests for woman especially
  • Icon rainwear
  • Icon vests and sweatshirts
  • Icon hats, and
  • Icon Luggage

When it comes to your protection no-one does it better than Icon motorcycle gear. Be protected but still look cool on the road with stylish Field Armor for your legs and elbows that fit snug under your denims or pants, and shirts. These are designed with impact absorbing foam and a unique molded plastic that make a breeze to wear. Invest in your safety and look cool while you’re doing it. Apart from these they have specially designed field armor to protect your back and front as well as field armor shorts to protect your lower body.

For women you can find the following accessories from your local retailer to protect you:

  • Icon Mil-Spec Mesh Vest
  • Icon Women’s Bombshell Hayabusa Vest
  • Icon Women’s Bombshell GSXR Vest

For Women the bombshell vests have proven to be quite popular with a few various available to suit your needs. What better way to protect yourself and still look great while doing it.

The most difficult thing to do is probably going to be in trying to make up your mind on what to buy as there are so many choices available and so many designs too. Choose carefully and don’t be scared to pay a nit more than you expected as Icon motorcycle gear is quality and will look great for years to come.

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