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Travel Pain and Remedy

Travelling can be a little rough on the body and lead to pain. The most common travel ailments are back and neck pain issues. Travelling via any mode takes a toll on the back and neck because of the sitting/inclined position. Prolonged sitting position leads to back and neck pain which caused a lot of discomfort for some days.

When it comes to travel, one thinks about the luggage to carry. Many people believe in “traveling light” and take the essentials so that the weight is not too much for them to carry. Heavy bags lead to strain in muscles which cause back and neck pain.bikkker

  • If you are carrying a shoulder bag then make sure that light weight items are stuffed in that. Carrying a shoulder back for a long period of time can lead to pain in the back and neck.
  • Try and carry a small stroller instead of a shoulder/laptop bag

There are ways which one can adopt to minimize the damage caused by the travel to the body. The ways vary based on the mode of transport that is being taken to reach the destination. But the most common method that can help in reducing back and neck issues is stretching out by taking a break. Whether in car, airplane, train or ship one can always get up and stretch out the muscles to release the tension.

For car travelers:

  • Stop at regular intervals to stretch out the muscles and do some basic back and neck exercise.
  • Consider a back support to reduce the risk of straining your lower back muscles

For Air/Ship/Train travelers:

  • Air travelers are more prone to common travel ailments like back and neck pain. One should carry a back and neck support to get the correct posture.
  • Make sure that you do not sit for a long time in one position as it will take a toll on your back.
  • Make sure that air ducts are not directed over the head as it can cause tension in the neck muscles.

For Bikers: 

  • Bikers have many more problems than car riders due to the posture that they must keep during a ride. Slouching is often the main problem for many bikers as they get fatigued on the road.
  • Back strengthening is a key component to any exercise program and it is a must to keep good riding form on long distance rides.
  • Many bikers use weight training, inversion exercises, and yoga as ways to combat bad posture on the hog. Read some inversion table reviews if you’re interested in getting one of those – they’re an investment well worth making.

Irrespective of the mode of travel, posture is the main cause of back and neck issues which should be kept in mind. There are back and neck support that are available in the market which can be used to minimize the pain. By following basic steps one can reduce the common travel ailments and have a happy and pain free travel!

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